Director / Trustee

Job Title: Director / Trustee

Responsible to: Chair and Board of Directors/Trustees, Through the board responsible to Charity – Through Unity

Responsible for: Director / Trusteeship of the Charity – Through Unity

Based at: TBC – care of TU office and registered office


Key Objectives of Job

▪ To provide support to develop and maintain the corporate plan and to support the operation and development of the organisation within the policy direction set by the Board of Directors / Trustees.

▪ To ensure that the charitable objectives of the organisation are followed and that it delivers the

appropriate public benefit.

▪ To take overall responsibility for Through Unity’s management within the governance and accountability frameworks established by the Board of Directors.

▪ Working with the CEO and other staff, Chair of Directors, to enable the Trustees to fulfil their legal duties and other responsibilities for the proper governance of the organisation.

▪ To ensure that the Board reviews relevant business information, reports and advice, makes recommendations in an effective, thorough and timely manner.

▪ To support applications for external funding / resources as may be agreed,



Strategic Leadership

▪ Ensuring that a long-term strategy is in place to guide the organisation in achieving its objectives.

▪ Leading on the management of Through Unity’s in a nominated role to support the charity’s mission and strategic objectives.

▪ Ensuring strong management, effective reporting internally and externally and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

▪ Ensuring the effectiveness of Through Unity’s services.

Financial and Legal

▪ Being responsible to the Board of Directors / Trustees for the health of the organisation and legal and regulatory compliance.

▪ Agreeing with other board members an annual budget acceptable to the Board and helping to ensure that budget is met.

▪ Working to ensure that the organisation has the resources it needs to operate effectively.

▪ Taking appropriate steps to manage risks that could impact significantly on the organisation.

▪ Ensuring that Through Unity fulfils its constitutional, regulatory and legal obligations. Including, Charities Commission, Companies House, other regulatory requirements.

▪ Ensuring that the organisation has the right management systems and structures to carry out its work effectively, accountably and safely, and that professional standards are maintained.

▪ Ensuring that all assets and resources of the organisation – equipment, materials and cash – are

properly managed and secured as appropriate.


▪ With the CEO and Chair, ensuring that the Board of Directors formulate and regularly review the organisation’s vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities and objectives.

▪ In partnership with the Board of Trustees, maintaining a longer-term strategy for Directors within

the policy direction set by the Board.

▪ Reporting to the Board on progress, providing information and answering for organisational progress and performance in delivering internal and external objectives and targets.

▪ Developing policy proposals for discussion and decision by the Board of Trustees.

▪ Maintaining an effective working partnership and collaboration with the CEO and Chair, and establishing and maintaining the annual programme for the meetings of the Board.

▪ Making sure all the policy, procedural and strategic/key documents are kept up-to-date.



▪ Helping to represent the organisation to partners and other stakeholders to ensure the continued operation of the charity

▪ Ensuring that the organisation forges strong and effective partnerships to deliver its mission.

All staff are required to abide by the Through Unity’s Policies, Procedures and other Key Documents.