Help Through Unity achieve even more by donating to help provide further:

  • Support for families who have lost loved ones to knife, gun and gang crime.
  • Raise awareness of the impacts of violent crime through presentations and community safety events.
  • Provide access to recreational and therapeutic service: social, drama, music, dance and sports events.
  • Create educational opportunities, working with partners to facilitate coaching, mentoring, employment and apprenticeships.
  • Campaign for justice, championing the rights of victims.

We call on all Organisations, Community Groups, Local Authorities, Government Departments and concerned individuals to collaborate to bring about solutions to the causes of the problems associated with violence in our communities.

Our communities must develop a clear clarion call; a common voice – in order to be properly heard.

At its core, Through Unity is a coalition of families who have come together because of their experiences of bereavement and homicide to provide support and care to other affected individuals and families.

Share Our Vision

A society which recognises the terrible anguish and loss suffered by people who have been bereaved by violent crime; which takes responsibility for helping them in seeking justice and managing their grief.

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Through Unity exists to provide support to bereaved people in the aftermath of a violent death and do all we can to make sure they get whatever help they need to survive their loss.